Friday, 19 August 2011

Thundar bay to Nowhere

Downey and I were up as soon as the sun was up. Our hosts had woken up and invited us in for coffee. After our cup of Java, we got to packing up all of our things and start heading toward Timmins.
   It was a little unsettling how hot the day had started, it wouldn't be a comfortable day. We would be constantly covered in sweat surely, but at least it didn't look like we'd be seeing any rain.
   It seemed like most of the major roads leaving Thunder Bay had some major construction or had some sort of bicycle restriction, forcing Downey and I to find alternative ways to leave Thunder Bay (or T-Bay as some call it).
   At around 12pm Downey and I found a small hostel that was willing to let us stay for a couple of hours while the sun was at its peak. The hostel owner had a dvd player, a tv, and the movie Grand Torino, so we made the most of it and watched Clint Eastwood do what he does best, rock everything.
   At 3:30pm we hit the road again. By the time the clock read 1am we had covered about 120 Km and were ready to crash. Our "camp" was set a mere few feet fom the road and we camped "a la belle etoile", under the stars. Despite being completely exhausted, it takes a long time to fall asleep.

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