Saturday, 6 August 2011

July 19: Vermillion Bay to Ignace

  It's always tricky sleeping on public property. You're always worried that you won't wake up on time and a family will walk up to your bivy bag and wonder what it is until you let out a fantastic fart that scares the whole lot of them away. You may have never had this problem, but when your only private space is about as big as a sleeping bag, it becomes a real concern.
   luckily I woke up early enough to avoid the awkward "trying to get out of my sleeping bag and put on some clothes without offending the eyes of a passer-by" scenario. What I was not expecting was the surprise that awaited me just next to my bivy bag.
   when I emerged from my nylon sleeping cocoon, I found a box next to me. What was in this box you ask? Well I'm about to tell you. Within the mystery box was brownies, muffins and orange juice along with a note.

   "Don't know where you guys are going, but breakfast is on me."

   So there I was, just woken up and staring at this box of wonders. It baffled me that someone just gave us food. No name or anything. I like to think it was the same guy who drops staples along the highway trying to make amends, Downey seems to think it was a grandmother who took pity on us. The possibilities are endless. Regardless, it was a great start to a great day.

   the day was hot, but enjoyable. We stopped in a DQ for a cold ice snack and passed Dryden. When the sky darkened our water bottles were empty and we were looking for a place to camp. The traffic never fully subsides on the number one highway and as we biked into the night we got a visit from the police.

    "you guys should pack it in," said the officer.

    i looked around at the endless rocky wilderness and tried to ponder where we should pack it in. The jagged rock piles didn't exactly look like a comfortable place to sleep.

   "Actually officer we were hoping to make it to Ignace, is that a far ways?" Said Downey.

   "Its about 8 kilometers" said the officer, then he added "Your visibility is poor."

    "We're poor." replied Downey."You wouldn't happen to have any water would yoy?"

     "Nope" And the officer drove off into the night.

    Igace had no 24 hour gas station and therefore no place to easily find water. We did however find a coke machine and therefore had a nice healthy pop before bed. Downey and I found a small patch of grass near the edge of town on which we could set up our bivy's out of sight.

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