Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Golden to Lake Louise

   Jumped on our bikes at 10 am. Grabbed a couple of Vector bars for breakfast, gathered our gear and moved out. Just outside of Golden there was a big uphill called the Kicking horse pass. From the news and internet reports, we figured the day would be a hot one, so the plan was to climb as much as we could before the sun was too much to handle.

    After an hour or two of traveling, the temperature was already in the mid-twenties and it was hard to keep enough water in your system with the amount of perspiration. Even tho the climb was challenging, the memories of hitting the wall on the way to Golden was enough to keep me moving. I had experienced the  difficulties of having your body give up on you, and going uphill was nothing compared to that. If I could describe what it looks like to do Kicking Horse pass, the best I can do is compare it to a scene in Lord of the Rings where Frodo and friends go through the two statues of the Kings of Gondor and are surounded by sheer rock cliffs with clear blue skies.The day was good. It was long but we kept a good pace and made it to Lake Louise late but refreshed.

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