Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Hello Everyone!

   So much has happened since last time. We made it to Kelowna, which was hard once again because of an extensive uphill climb. However, once we started the descent into the Okanagan valley the climb was more than worth it. The gentle downhill slope allowed you to enjoy the view without peddling, and with so much beauty to take in, it was great.
   We stopped by a BP when we arrived in Kelowna. Sawn, the manager, was kind enough to give us a 20% discount. After we ate, I called my cousin Nicole, and stayed at her boyfriend Jeff's Dads house.
   Our stay was amazing. We had a hot tub, warm bed and washing machine. Our day off gave our legs the much needed rest they deserved. We had a chance to drink in the beauty of the Okanagan valley.
  When it came time to leave Kelowna, we met this guy Emanuel, on the side of the road. He was cycling to Montreal, and we figured we might as well stick tgether for alittle while. So Michael, Our friend Emanuel and I headed out from kelowna and made our way towards the town of Sicamous.
   We had been lucky up to this point not to have suffered any kind of major bike problems, but this day was going to be different. As was flying down a mountain at 50k, my back tire blew out. I had managed to bring the bike to a slow stop and we fixed the problem in about 30 minutes. Next, Michaels bike tire went wobbly and his rear brakes were rubbing. Lastly, my rear gear arm got somehow pulled into the spokes and twisted up inside of it. That was the end of my day, 16k out of Sicamous and my bike had enough.
   Emanuel and Downey left me on the side of the road in hopes could hitch into town with my busted bike. After standing for an hour, this guy came out of the bushes from accross the street.

   "What seems to be the problem bra?"

  " My bike seems to have tried to destroy itself, so I'm trying to get a ride into town" Said I.

   "Yeah that's pretty serious brother, why don't you throw your gear into my wagon, I'll give you a lift into town"

    I decided that this would be good enough, and therefore I put my bike into the this guys truck and we started driving to the town of Sicamous.
    Vern was my drivers name. He was living near Sicamous and was a very interresting and nice person. We had an interesting conversation and after about half an hour we said our goodbye as I was dropped off at the hardware store in Sicamous.
   There was not much hope that a hardware store in a small town would know anything about fixing a de-railer, but when your out of options it seems like a good idea. The workers at the hardware store didn't carry any supplies or tools I needed and I was informed that there was no bike repair shop in town. Therefore I walked dejected to the closest building to ask about directions and went to the local shell station.
    "Hey my name is Joel Bisson, I'm biking across Canada. My bike broke down do you know of anyone going towards the town of Salmon arm or Revelstoke?"

    The gas attendant I was talking to was named Jalena. After hearing my case she not only promised to find help but she allowed Downey, Emanuell and I to sleep in her yard. Downey and Emanuel were happy to hear we had a place to sleep when they finally arrived in Sicamous, so we set up camp and fell asleep.

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