Sunday, 19 June 2011

Jasper and the Mountains are done

   The night was a free one, but that comes with conditions. At 9 30 am, Downey and I were woken up by the caretaker at the hostile and we had to hit the road.
   The day was one of constant peddling. Just wanted to get miles behind us. Jasper was a nice place we heard, and we were going to end our day there, no matter how much rain, bears or weather changes came our way (there were alot of all three).
   When we did get to Jasper, i just asked a random person in town if we could sleep at their house. Her name was Chantal, and suprisingly she said yes. So Downey and I sleep on some matress in Chantal and her roomates apartment. It was great. Nothing of too much interrest to report about this day.

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