Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sicamous to Revelstoke

   I woke up in my bivy bag around 6 am, not because I wanted to, but rather because the crows in the neighbourhood decided to hold a screaming match in the yard that we slept in.
   Jalena, our host, found a friend that would be willing to drive me into the town of Salmon Arm where there was a bike shop, but there was a catch. If Jalena and her friends were going into Salmon Arm, they would be doing some shopping. Therefore I did get a ride to Salmon Arm and had my bike fixed, but while I waited for my bike, I had to spend my time looking at various amounts of jewellery and clothing to fit into the group of girls that were my hosts and also my ride back into town. At around 2 pm all the work on the bike was done and I was back in Sicamous.
   Downey, Emanuel and I were back on the road. We didn't have a huge goal, something just under 100 k. We wanted to get into the town of Revelstoke by nightfall and since all of our bikes were now in good working order, we were looking forward to being on the move once again.
   When we did get to moving, the sun was beating down heavily on us. After all, it was already about 2:30 pm. The day was a nice relaxed one with a good balance of uphills and downhills, which was nice for a change. When we did get into revelstoke it was only about 8 pm. We found a place called the KOA campground. It had showers and a laundry place and the attendant there gave us a discount for a camping spot, so it was the best choice for us.
   The night was a quiet one. Everyone had a shower and took the oppertunity to do some laundry. When my head hit the pillow at the end of the day, I didn't even dream, just slept.

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