Sunday, 5 June 2011


   This will be a realitively short post. You can also expect of errors, because I am writting this from my phone and my thumbs are not the most nimble.
   Two days ago, Downey and I stayed at my uncle Marks house. It was a great time. That was in Surrey. We left Surrey and pedalled all day to a place called Hope BC. In Hope, there was no place to sleep, but some locals told us of a spot where the hobos go to sleep near an abandoned house.
     "If its good enough for the hobos, its good enough for us" - Downey

   So with Downeys words of wisdom we found an abandonned shack on the outskirts of Hope and unrolled our sleeping bags. It the most restful night, first of all I was wooried a hobo would steal our supplies or murder Downey. Secondly, in the middle of the night, a raccoon came out of the bushes and stole my apple while leaving a dead mouse next to my shoe. I suppose in his mind it was a fair trade, but I share the same taste as my raccoon friend. Lastly, Downey had some wierd night terrors or something where he thought something was touching his arm.

   We have some thanks to say today, Kelli the manager from Canadian tire donated a helmet to me after my last one was stolen in Vancouver. Cecil from bike zone donated two rear view mirrors, great guy. The guys at pedal sport in chilliwack fixed Downeys tire for free.

   On June 3rd, Downey and I were touched by a very special experience. We were invited to to ALS Vancouver for a reception, and there we met some great people. There staff was really courteous and kind. We also had the priveledge to meet Dean. He is a father, a husband, an avid cyclist and also has ALS. He can no longer bike, pick up his kids or kiss his wife. Downey and I are lucky enough to suffer sore muscles and sweat going up these BC hills but for people like Dean, those things are only memorys. The experience was a bigg eye opener.
  Im writting from a town named Hope. Its too easy to feel despair about a disease like ALS, it takes courage to have Hope. Please spread the word about ALS and what Downey and I our doing. Alone we may feel helpless, but find a cure together.

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