Wednesday, 20 July 2011

July 10th: Portage to Winnipeg

   Nats, Mark and I had a nice breakfast and I jumped back on my bike. I headed down the highway and was sad to find long stretches of highway with no shoulder. Once again I had to entertain myself and so my ipod and its infinite library of music would keep me company.
   Nothing of real significance happened on the way home except for when I stopped at a BC fruit stand. I pulled off the road to buy fruit, when I realised that the driveway to the fruit stand was pure beach sand. My feet could not unclip in time and before I knew it my bikes tires sank into the sand and I crashed hard in the sand, rolled head over heel and landed two feet from the ordering couter. To say I was embarrassed would be an understatment. The proprietor of the stand look over the counter in fright.

   " O my. God! Are you ok?"

   In my embarrasment all I could think of was avoiding the issue of the crash all together, therefore from my prone position in the sand I decided to respond with:

   "do you have nectarines?"

   "why yes... Are you ok?" she said

   "Can have five please?"Said I

   then as I got up and dusted myself off an old angry man came out from around the corner and blasted me for dropping my bike right in front of the stand and told me it would hold up the line up. I don't know where he thought we were, but the line up he was imagining must have been invisible because I was the only customer there.
   When I finally made it home I was very happy and ready to celebrate. However, everyone else was gone to work. I should also mention that my house was locked and I didn't have a key, therefore the first thing I did upon returning to Winnipeg is commit a break and enter on my own house.
   I ended up spending some time with my cousin Pat and Rose and ended up going to a barbaque Downey was hosting. it was nice to celebrate with all my friends again.

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