Thursday, 21 July 2011

July 17th: Lobstic Bay, not here to stay

  The departure from Lobstic Bay had to be pushed back a day. The reason for this being that a windstorm had plowed through the small cotage community  and had toppled so many trees upon the highway and roads leading out that traffic was paralized. Instead of me leaving, Moncle Raymond, Old Man and I spent a lot of time and effort cutting, clearing and moving fallen trees with a handful of other volunteers. By the time the work was done, it was too late to leave by bike and make it anywhere to sleep. Therefore I decided to stay one more night.
   My father gave me a lift into Kenora on his way out so I could get my hands on a patching kit and a pump. On sunday night everyone left the cottage but me. I realised that this was the first time that I had been completly alone since the tour began. This opportunity was not lost on me and used it to watch a couple of episodes of The Office, eat an inexcusable amount of Velvetta cheese with an assortment of food companions and then quickly drift into a deep peaceful sleep.

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