Wednesday, 20 July 2011

July 8th: Brandon

I used july 7th as a recovery day, but also as a day of relaxing with my fiancee Rose. Being the wonderful woman she is, it was easy to have a great time with her around. On the 8th we put my bike in her car and drove back out to Brandon. Downey and I had an awareness concert there and since Downey was licking his wounds back home, Rose would be filling in for him.
   A talented musician by the name of Eddie Hudson was playing an accoustic show. It was nice to sit back and enjoy the show while Eddie did all the hard work and PR for the ALS society. During the concert Jen and her husband Bernie, some of Rose's friends, came out to show their support. They were awesome and welcoming and were also my hosts for the night in Brandon.
   After the concert Bernie, Jen, Eddie, Rose and I spent some time together and just had a blast chattering excitedly, recounting stories, and laughing a lot. We spent the night at Bernie and Jen's on an air mattress that ended up getting about as flat as my back tire all those times on the road. Rose and I were both so wiped, however, that we didn't notice until her alarm woke us up the next morning.

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