Thursday, 7 July 2011

June 21st: Edmonton to Some Field

   The first thing that happened when we left our hotel is that we realised my freshly fixed bike already had a flat. Instead of and early start we found ourselves heading back to the Mountain Equipment Co-op. They were very understanding and fixed the tire and replaced the inner tube at no cost and we were back on the road, however quite a bit behind schedule.
   It was a beautiful sunny day, something both Michael and I were thankful for. For the most part of the drive I put in my ipod and enjoyed some great music from the Tragically Hip and Wolfmother. The ride during the day was a pic-nic. No flats, no rain, just smiles all around.
   At around 6pm, we were still far from Red Deer (our destination) and stopped at a road side restaurant for a greasy burger and fries. When we do eat at a restaurant, its usually very un nourishing and I feel like it does more bad than good. It fills you up, but you really don't get any energy out of it.The other bad thing about highway food is that sometimes it tends to effect your mood. Maybe it was because I had been on the road under the sun, or maybe it was the quality of the food we just ate, but after supper my mood became very dark. I felt like I was going threw a mini depression and all my motivation to continue biking evaporated.
   I think Downey could feel a change in my mood because he was very concerned. It boiled down to me just missing family, friends and fiancee. It gets long being away from home, away from every comfort you know.
   There was a ranch not far from where we were, so we gathered our things and found ourselves a little piece of land on which to set up camp. Under the stars I shared with Downey what I was feeling in my dark mood and Downey reflected the same feelings. It was nice to talk about everything and instantly my mood was lifted.

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