Thursday, 7 July 2011

June 22nd: Random Field to Red Deer

   When I woke up, I didn't want to waste any time. Downey and I had two seperate families to visit in Red Deer and we could not have afforded to fall behind schedule.
   We found ourselves once again eating at the greasy road side restaurant that we had eaten at the previous day. When we paid and left, I made myself a promise to eat healthier in the future. If my theory that an unhealty diet led to unhealthy thinking was true, I couldn't afford to eat like that again and jeopordise my motivation and determination.
   I called our contact in Red Deer. Doris Catellier would be hosting us for the night in Red Deer and she was very excited to have us over. We also had another familly that wanted us over called the Marchands. The plan would be to get to Red Deer as early as possible, have supper with the Marchands, and sleep at the Catelliers.
   When we arrived at the Marchand home, we were greeted by the Marchand sisters. Nadine and Chantal Marchand were really great people. They explained to me that their father was diagnosed with ALS some time ago and that he was unable to make it over to Red Deer to welcome us because of his condition. It was a shame we could not meet Mr. Marchand, but his daughters definitely gave us a huge reason to continue our journey. They were very positive and offered us great converstation as well as food. They also had a hot tub, and if my sore muscles could talk, they would have thanked them profusely as well.
   At 8pm, we were off to our next host family. Ronald Catellier, our new host, picked up Downey and I and brought us over to their house. We said hello to the Catelliers, had a second supper (it was excellent) and then rested. Downey became aware of the fact that the Catelliers owned a xbox 360 and the game Call of Duty: Black Ops, and therefore we spent a large portion of the night playing "Zombies" on xbox. It was alot of fun.
   The Catelliers offered both me and Downey our own rooms with very comfortable beds, we I turned in for the night I slept like I hadn't for a long time.

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