Thursday, 7 July 2011

June 19th: Day in Edmonton

   Tammie and Scott Talbot drove us around Edmonton. They showed us the sights and highights of the city, afterwards they drove us to mountain equipment co-op so we could repair the major issues with our bikes and purchase supplies for the next leg of the journey.
   It had rained all day, and so we spent it indoors. The T.V was a constant companion, like an old friend. T.V was never something I normaly enjoyed, but I suppose since I had  had so little time to watch it since the begining of our journey, it seemed like I was making up for lost time.
   Nothing of major interrest occured during the day, it was mostly made up of relaxing and catching up on our personal journals and updating the blog.
   The day was ended with a great supper, and some great company as well. We laughed, recounted stories and shared feelings. At the days end, I retreated to the couch that served as my bed and fell asleep.

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