Friday, 8 July 2011

June 26th: Hanna To Kindersley

   We set out on the road by 8 am. The same pattern as yesterday was to be followed. Our gear would be in Mr. Downeys truck and we would leapfrog, if you will, about 210 kilometers to a town called Kindersley.
   There wasn't anything in the most interresting sense that happened on thi day's trip. It was one of those days where you simply put your head down and pushed yourself as fast and as hard as you could.
   The sun was out in full force and we were wilting under the heat. To stay refreshed we drank copious amounts of water and gatorade.
   When we finally pulled into the town of Kindersley we found ourselves a motel where we could take a shower for free and immediatly afterwards made ourselves something to eat. I was exhausted but very happy to have a camper to sleep in. The second my head hit the pillow I slept like a baby.

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