Friday, 8 July 2011

June 25th: Calgary to Hanna

   It was a beautiful day outside. Mr. Downey, Downey and I went out for breakfast at a place called "Rickies" in Calgary. It was a great way to start off the day. The week was laid out in front of us.

    "We got nothing between here and Saskatoon. Its about 620 k between here and there" Downey said
    "If we travel light, and if my dad wants to shadow us for a few days and carry some of our gear, we should be able to push at least 200 something kilometers every day. If we do that, we'll make it there early, and get a decent rest".

   The proposal seemed good enough to me. If nothing else I thought that covering Calgary to Saskatoon in three days was a challenge in and of itself and would be worth the effort. Downey's Dad was more than happy to help any way he could, and so we had our course of action planed.
   We cycled all day long, and finally found ourselves in the town of Hanna. Downey's dad had a camper along with him, and so we didn't need to look for a place to sleep.

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