Thursday, 21 July 2011

July 16th: Lobstic bay

  I left off in my last entry at arriving in Kenora, tired, with a rash but with renewed high spirits. Those high spirits alone would not fix my bike, however, so I had to call on a higher power to help me.

   "I know I don't thank you enough for the great things you provide for me, and sometimes I do some bad things... But... Father.... Please give me a ride?"

   "fine, but stop calling me, your wasting the minutes on my phone"

   And with a swift phone call my Pappa (or Old Man if you like) was on his way to rescue his only child worth saving. He arrived in his truck and open the door and lovingly said:

   "Ah Joe... Your full of sweat. Don't get any of that on the seat"

   With my bike and I in the truck, we sped down to lobstic bay about 40 k south of Kenora for a few days of fishing. It would be a chance for me and the Old Man to spend some quality time together. We would be staying at my uncle Mononcle Raymond's cottage. I felt honored to stay at my uncle's cottage. Raymond had been an instrumental piece of the efforts in Winnipeg and it had paid off. Alerts to my cell phone had been indicating to me that donations were becoming a frequent thing and though we were still far from our fundraising goal by about $45,000, we were getting closer everyday. $50,000 may seem like an ambitious goal but no matter what it's always better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit!

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