Thursday, 21 July 2011

July 14: Goodbyes, round one.

  I kissed and hugged Ozzy, told him to take care and that I'd see him soon. My little dog (a black lab/pug cross who really just looks like a midget lab with a tail that curls up into a complete circle) would have to go without me for a couple for months yet. My bags were packed and it was time to hit the old dusty trail.
   The day was a nice ride. I would be heading to my younger sister Annique's acreage just outside of St. Anne. She, like my other sister, is also pregnant and I could only imagine the plethora of food she would be demanding to sustain the life growing inside if her.  Dennis, her husband, was probably cooking right now, I thought. How lucky was I to have a family that became pregant at a time that suited me perfectly.
   I was on a high knowing that our stay in Winnipeg had been a big success. the donations were finally coming in and it felt as though we were really moving forward. Thanks to the media and the volunteers it seemed we really had managed to get the message out (though there is still a LOT of work to be done and dollars to raise).
   My extended stay in Winnipeg had softened my butt and finding comfort on my bike seat was a battle that would last a number of days. However I define comfort loosely and it may be more appropriate to call it a general numbness instead of comfort. I rolled into Annique's driveway and was happy to see my beautiful sister and my great brother in-law. They prepared some amazing food (as I had predicted) and Rose came out to spend somee more time together.
    The four of us just watched a movie and afterwards went to bed. It was a real treat for Rose and I to spend some time visiting at the Deng Ranch.

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