Wednesday, 20 July 2011

June 3rd: Regina, and the duct tape saga

   The problem with setting up camp at 1am is that you're never quite aware of all your surroundings in the dark. I woke up to not only the sun beating down on me in full force at 6am, but also the march of a hundred little ants that were all seemingly angry that I chose to set my bed over their home. These ants were very vengeful, and made Michael and I sorry for ever having camped there.
   I made Dowey and I some flavoured rice in the morning, then we spent a good chunk of time jumping in and out of the mineral lake. it truly was great, your wold float on the water and it would make all your skin really soft. I am always amazed at some of the secrets our nation has.
   after having our fun in the sun, we set out to reach Regina. Things were going great, my duct tape tire was rolling along, but of course something had to give. Only twenty minutes after getting on the road, my duct tape tire busted... again.
   We sat ourselves down by the side of the road, diligently tore off all the duct tape from the tire, inspected the inner tube, found the puncture and patched it with, you guessed it, duct tape. then we proceeded to re duct tape the entire tire. the whole affair took about an hour.
    We rolled into regina some time later. we found a little restaurant at the north edge of the city to eat. I founf myself in a sea of green coloured people with wigs and banjo's. Unsure as to what was going on, was informed that it was a rough rider game later, and everyone was getting ready for the game.
   Now I may often trash the Rough Riders, but there is one thing to be said about their fans: they REALLY have team spirit. In fact, thses people were so crazy about their team that I founf myself also wanting to paint myself green, grab a banjo and cut myself a mullet. Those sakachewanians really know how to support their team.
    someone from the ALS society of Regina came and met us at the restaurant and bought us to a motel for the night. We had a nice room and the place had a pool so was happy. Moving my bike from place to place was a little akward because would often get wierd stares and comments because of the duct tape.
   before going to bed, we had coffee witha couple of the ALS regina volunteers. we shared our stories and motivations. those voluteers are great people.

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